Beauty ~ in chic-boutique style.​


I am Christy Coffey, former fashion model to finance, mother of 3 children and engaged to be married!

 Founder of Colorcottage, I am a certified image, style and product expert in skin care, cosmetics, wardrobe fashion design and color analysis. 

My skill sets teach confidence, credibility and 

personal success.

We love to feel irresistible!  

Experience your natural beauty through color analysis, by learning the colors that compliment your unique beauty.  

Complete with makeup application techniques to enhance your features and create the look you want, natural, career or dramatic.  

Included is your personal color fan and instruction booklet created especially for you.

It all starts with beautiful skin!

What's the first thing people see when they meet you?  Your face!  That's why skin care is the best investment you can make in your appearance.

From innovative skin care to on-trend, luxury line cosmetics, Mary Kay offers products women love, 

and I am happy to help you find your new favorites!  

View the collection, experience new beauty products, freshen your look, sample new shades to find your best colors, or just simply shop... because you deserve it!

Invest in yourself, your company or someone dear to you!

Skin Care, Cosmetics, Color Analysis and Wardrobe 

Fashion Design